How I became a Pokémon Master in a day

As most of you will know, this April’s fools, Google Maps set up a pokémon game within the maps interface. As you can imagine, I was overjoyed. I haven’t written a post about it because I’ve been really busy… watching Grimm on netflix and catching up on Glee and 2 broke girls…. but I recently got a job working in Google Maps! So Marc’s comment was of course “Gaëlle goes to work for Google Maps and two months later there are pokémon in it, coincidence? I think not!”. I wish I had something to do with it, sadly I did not. It did feel awesome though to be associated with it in some way. Google somehow managed to get me to look at maps for a lengthy amount of time (seriously, so fucking long) even when I wasn’t getting paid. Well done, google, well done. So at first I thought it was a joke, to my surprise and utter joy, it was not! I proceeded to… not do work… and spent my entire break looking at yet more maps to catch ’em all.


You cannot imagine my joy as I caught Bulbasaur, my favourite… well maybe you can… Look at it being all cute:



If that isn’t cute enough, look at this:



I got home to a very quiet house, I was surprised to find that Mom and Gaby were actually in the sitting room, sitting in silence both looking at their phones, searching for pokémon. I sat down and the entire evening was spent searching the world’s monuments, highest mountains, lakes, volcanoes, and the deep darkness of the amazon. We of course went to bed exhausted and much later than was good for us and we had gotten quite far. I caught around 120 on my own, I had told myself that I would catch them all myself but the last 30 were just too hard. I was going to stop at 120 but I spent wayyy too much time that day being sad because I didn’t have them all, I am unfortunately the type of person who would feel sad about it for years and years. I know, I’m weird. So I decided that I was going to look up the rest. I did feel a bit bad, but the amount of happiness I got from seeing that 150/150 made it all go away.


I realised that life was too short to feel bad about silly things and that something is going to make me happy I should do it regardless of what other people might say, in this case hard core nerds saying I’m not cool…


I am cool, I’m a pokémon master!


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