May 2012

As usual, it’s been ages. I wish I was the person who could keep a blog regularly, but I’m not. I think I binge blog 🙂

Today I actually have things to talk about. I got a job at Keywords for about a month and worked there until last week. Most of the money I got paid for going away to Galway, London and going to see Norah Jones in September (<3 ❤ <3). I am so excited to see her again. I bought her new album at the end of March and I love it 🙂



I also bought a Kindle Touch, I’m so happy with it, I missed having an e-reader.

I loved woking again, it was nice being in an office and having people around me. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I spent my time socialising, but it was nice compared to doing freelance work where I just sit at my desk in my room. The nice thing though, as my old lecturer Miriam pointed out, is that as a freelancer you get to work in your pyjamas 🙂

Working in an International office is great, you get to hear bits of different languages all the time and try to creep on what the German speakers are saying to see how much German you have left. As it turns out, that amount is practically none. The people were really nice and the atmosphere was quite relaxed. You do your work, play your game/ whatever you are testing, do your paperwork and people are happy to occasionally chat. Another benefit of working in the video game industry is that most people there are into video games and technology, so there are a lot of nice nerdy conversations which was a lot of fun. What was less fun was the conversations about football, because I know nothing of football. They were talking about the european cup, possibly about the qualifiers, and I said “qualifiers to what?”. The answer “The Football” was not exactly satisfactory. Long story short, I was completely unaware that the European cup was on this year.

So in summary, I loved working there, even though it was far away (it took about 2 hours to get there), and now I am sad that I don’t work there and that I am back to looking for a proper job.

On a happier note, I went to Galway for the first time last weekend. It was great, I went with Hazal, Cillian, Katie and two Japanese guys called Tomonori and Takai. The weather was beautiful, we were very lucky to have escaped the rain. The first day we went to Inis Mór, we walked to get to the cliffs, unfortunately we didn’t get there, we didn’t even get halfway. Cillian had slightly misjudged the size of the island and in retrospect we should have gotten a taxi. It was nice though, we hiked and ate some chocolate muffins on some rocks with an amazing view. The second day we went to the cliffs of Moher. The cliffs were beautiful and I loved being near the sea, the salty air is always lovely. I noticed that Galway is much more Irish than Dublin, by that I mean it’s Irish. There seems to be a great sense of national pride there which I never really got to experience here, it gave me an impression of just how much had been taken away by the English occupation. It was both lovely and sad to see how much more remained just 2 and a half hours away. I haven’t travelled through Ireland much, well that I remember anyway. My family and I drove around Ireland one summer but I was 10 and I don’t remember much about it. Maybe it’s just that in rural Ireland it was easier for the people to retain their culture. 


Long story short, Galway was lovely and I think that I should try to explore Ireland more 🙂 

Keeping our inner child an outer child

Today, as I was looking about on the internet, as you do, I stumbled upon this anime face character thing. What it is is like those dress up dolls that you used to get in magazines as a child. You know the ones where you cut up the little paper doll, then you cut up the clothes that come with it and you dress it up and play with it. No? Was I a deprived child?

Now this is just a relevant example, I did not have this one, but would have been the happiest girl in the world if I had.

So anyway, I always liked those dress up things. I start going about making my little avatar thing. I am now thinking of using it for my AMS/ Eirtakon Forums avatar, so I try to make it nice. There is my problem. There is a big difference between what I want to make the avatar look like, and what I actually look like.

You see, I start off well and I make her hair brown, give her a little side fringe, then I look at the pony tail section… and see the Sailor Moon buns-pig tails combo. If you didn’t know baby Gaelle, you probably don’t know about my childhood obsession with Sailor Moon. I loved it. At school during breaks, I would run around pretending to be an alien defender of the planet, saving people from ridiculously cheesy villains, with pigtails coming down to my waist, all while waiting for my Tuxedo Mask (read prince charming) to come and save me.

So when I see the option of a bun/pigtails, I can’t resist, of course, I can’t keep her a brunette because then she would be sailor jupiter and that isn’t the same. So what I ended up with, was more of an avatar of who I wanted to be… when I was 9… and sometimes who I am on the inside, while no one is looking. Something ridiculous and over the top. As you can see the addition of a crown and the wings was a must have. I concluded that, sometimes, it’s ok to be Sailor Moon on the inside (and on the outside if you’re lucky enough to have blond hair down to your waist).


I saved the picture, then went back to the real world, where I made the sensible choices, picked options that reflected what I actually look like. It is fortunate that it is hard to make those characters look ugly, unless you add facial hair… which I luckily enough lack. I picked red lipstick because I wear it all the time, gave her a stripy top (because I have millions of them), gave her my glasses, and a turquoise scarf (<3 both those things). All and all, the avatar does reflect who I am pretty well, but there will always be a part of me that will be itching to add those pigtails.



Running again

Hello everyone,

So yesterday (very late at night) I went for a run! Yay! It was fantastic, well that’s a lie, the actual run was horrible, the feeling after it was amazing. I haven’t run for a long long time, I’d say the last time was before my birthday in October.

Running was my primary exercise in my on going battle of losing weight and a combination of cold cold weather and lazyness made me very reluctant to leave my house. I was reading an article with the very charming title “boob sweat – 10 reasons running doesn’t suck as much as you think” and I was inspired and ventured into the cold outside air at 11 O’Clock.

My sister Gwladys came with me and for the first time ever, ran 1.5km without stopping, I was so proud of her. I wish I could say the same about myself, but I can’t, I died. It may have been due to the fact that I couldn’t breathe through my nose, but that didn’t matter, I was pumped and I needed to run! I’m glad I went, one of my resolutions for this year (of which there are ten) was to be able to run 10km so it would be good if I actually started running again. Today, my granny knees hurt, I can’t laugh without my sides hurting and my throat is dead, but I feel great 😀


College is over

Maybe, if I am good, I will make this blog a bimonthly thing. It’s not that I find it hard to update, it’s that my life is ridiculously dull. I finished writing my thesis mid september and I guess now I am back in the terrifying position of having to find a grown up job and finally start my life. Since finishing college all I have done is draw, read, and catch up with people I hadn’t seen this summer. It has been relaxing but I would feel better with the knowledge that my life was on some sort of path.

On the plus side, my birthday is this week! I’m going to be 24! I am getting old 😦 On the plus side I still get asked for my ID all the time so I don’t look so old 🙂

Bus stop story

So I’m waiting for a bus home, looking at the new clock beside the stop that tells me when I’ll be out of the cold. I arrive and it says 8 minutes. Great, no time at all. I spend my time looking around in the hope of finding a distraction. I’ve forgotten my headphones today. After 5 minutes I look back at the clock, 9 minutes. Great. So that’s how it’s going to be?

This is an improvement on the last time me and the clock had an exchange, where I looked at it without actually reading the numbers, as you do, only to look back to see it had taken the rest of the day off.

I continue looking around because I have now established that the bus was stuck in a timeloop and would never arrive. That is when I saw Ron Weasley. Not the actor, just Ron. It’s not like Ireland has a shortage of gingers, but you see this kid and you think: “Ron Weasley”.

So I look at him and he hops on to the wall of the corner house’s front garden. He looks around, I assume he is waiting for a posse, possibly composed of a Potter and a Granger but I can’t see anyone else from where I’m standing. I wonder why he’s on a wall, the only reason I can think of is that he’s a teenager and that’s what teenagers do. So I look around at the traffic for a minute, but there isn’t much to look at, it’s half eight and it seems all the interesting people have already gone home. I look back at Ron, he was still standing on the wall. He did a front flip!

I’m in awe or maybe just very surprised and continue looking. He does it again! My gaze slowly shifted to two old men that were approaching the bus stop. One looked at the clock and I heard “Great, 8 minutes” the man looked at me and said “is it working?”. By then it had been fifteen minutes, so I simply told them that the clock had been lying to me since I got there.  Of course as soon as I said that, the clock said 7 minutes. It just wanted to make me look bad.

My eyes darted back to Ron who had put his bag down and had just started running towards the front garden wall. He did a running jump over it. This was most definitely not Ron Weasley, Ron Weasley doesn’t do flips or jumps over walls.

I am always in awe of people who can do things like that, I lack the ability to do any sort of jumping. I am too afraid I’ll hurt myself and break my neck. I blame my mother, she’s always saying I’m going to break my neck.

He put his backpack on, and started walking in my direction. He walked on his own, no Potter, no Granger, past the bus stop.

I have no idea what just happened…

I have learned though, that writing what has happened at the bus stop on an iPod is both relaxing and a good way to pass the time when you have forgotten your headphones. This was an amusing event from an otherwise boring day full of thesis writing in the library.

Summer and my lack of a life

Hello there,


I haven’t updated this in a very very long time, mostly due to the fact that I am lazy when it comes to writing.

In fairness, not much has been happening because I have been busy not writing my thesis. All I’ve been doing is going into college… and having coffee with Eoin and Rachel.

It’s going ok now, I started writing a while back and I’m hoping to have the scary stuff done by the middle of next week. Regardless there will be freaking out near the end of the month. Then once it is submitted, I might go to France for a week and worry about how to start becoming a translator 😛


On another note, my living room has had a nightly visitor… A slug… It’s very strange. He comes out at night, goes around the living room,  circles the coke bottle and then goes back to wherever it is he came from. Annoyed with the trail he leaves each night, my mother decided to make a trap for it. The trap consisted of a raspberry  circled with a ring of salt on a piece of plastic. I think the hope was to find a melted slug in the morning and a half eaten raspberry. So this morning I went to investigate only to find the usual slug trail, a broken circle of salt and a half eaten raspberry… No slug. I think we have a super-mutant slug on our hands!


Toodles 😀

Exam results

I got my exam results last week and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. After my undergrad I had associated exam results with feeling like crap so in the run up to the results I was getting worried.

I got my results and actually got a first in the two exams I was most worried about. I got two assignments back and got a first in them, they were full of praises so I was very pleased. It feels so good to not be crap at something. I don’t know if I’ve found my niche yet but it feels great to have found something I’m good at and enjoy.

So in summary I’m in a generally good mood lately 🙂

I hope you’re having a good week too 🙂

Why is the future always so scary?

I’m back in college now, in my second week of semester 2, and I  still have the uneasy feeling that I have no idea what I’m going to do wih the rest of my life. Being in college does help because I don’t have to feel bad about my current lack of career as I’m still a student… or rather I am a student once again.


Still, I do really enjoy my course but as usual, doubts creep in. I enjoy translating, I enjoy reading and learning about it but am I going to find work this field? I think a lot of the doubts come from the fact that after finishing my degree in biotech, I was faced with the fact that  there were no longer any jobs in the field for graduates with very little experience. Another factor is that my French isn’t as good as it used to be as it rarely gets used anymore and that English is technically not my native language. What do you do when your second language is better than your native? I guess technically they are  both my native tongues, one just happens to always have the upper hand. It seems strange to think that my English would deteriorate if I went back and lived in France for a couple of years, although I never thought that it would happen to my French when I was living there :S


I know this is a rant of a blog post, but it’s what’s been on my mind lately. You know, when we were kids and in a hurry to grow up, they should have warned us it was no fun 😛


The alternative plan I’ve been contemplating is pursuing doing art on a part time basis, still unsure on how to make money with it but I’ll figure it out. So for now it’s looking like freelance translator/ struggling artist is my path.


Hopefully it will work out fine 😀

Hope you’re all having anice day!

In case you are really bored

This is a site where you make a doodle with you mouse and it makes anything look artsy. It is a good time waster if you are REALLY bored, or need help with your procrastinating 🙂


It turns crap drawing of something that kind of looks like an upside down dragon foetus, to a crap artsy drawing of a possible upside down dragon foetus! Hurray!

See! Dragon foetus!


Artsy dragon foetus!


Thank you Stumble Upon!