A thing I had meant to do last year was write about all the wonderful things I got to see in 2014. It was truly an amazing year, I got to travel to many new places, get a ‘proper’ job, and finally move out of my mom’s house. Thank you 2014. 2015, I’ve got high expectations, don’t disappoint me!

In April I went to Edinburgh, a beautiful city, although I really wish people had told me about all the hills.

The trip was with a group of friends from school where the main activities planned were rafting and canyoning. Unfortunately two weeks beforehand I had a cold that resulted in my eardrum being torn, it was one of the most unpleasant and painful things that I’ve ever experienced. I thought my brain was going to explode and leak out of my nose, sexy right? This of course meant that I wasn’t able to partake in the water sports that were planned. I instead spent the day exploring Edinburgh on my own which was very cool.

The first thing that happened in Scotland was me being an idiot, of course, and leaving my suitcase on the Edinburgh tram. We got off a few stops after the airport to go to Krispy Kreme and I just walked off without it… seriously… I am a moron. I spent a good three hours on the tram chasing my suitcase, going to town, back to the airport then back to town. I got it back because the staff are the loveliest people I have ever met, also the tram has wifi so I had access to spotify… Once it was established that the bag was waiting for me at the airport the trip was almost pleasant. I did want to cry though…



We stayed in the cowgate hostel, clean, nice staff, no complaints. The showers were few, one for about 20 people but we managed. Be wary of keeping windows opened during the day, pigeons will come in and poop on your sheets… while you are asleep… Waking up up to a room of pigeons is terrifying.

There is something odd about being on your own in a foreign city. I’ve no trouble being around Dublin on my own, but when I set off to explore Edinburgh I was afraid that people would single me out. It was silly, I had a great day. I started off with a healthy breakfast of hot chocolate and a brownie, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I had a map and a vague notion of wanting to visit the castle. I had remembered walking past a church with what looked like very pretty stained glass, being a Harry Clarke fan I decided to go and check it out as my first activity.

As soon as I walked in, any worry I had about being alone vanished. I had walked into a piano concert of a lovely Italian pianist playing Debussy. It couldn’t have been more perfect. The stained glass was breathtaking, I had wandered in because of the window above the door, but this one was so beautiful I must have spent at least fifteen minutes looking at it.


I went up to the castle and took one of those audio guide thingies as my company. It was quite interesting, especially how the castle evolved with time and how people changed the landscape of the entire city around it.

Being a tourist


I spent the rest of the day just wandering around, getting to know the layout of the town. The architecture was beautiful, I of course spent a lot of time taking a million pictures! But man, those hills, nobody told me about the hills! So many, so steep, I was not build for it.

Help meeeee!

When I went back to the hostel I saw a neon sign on a wall that said “Not all those who wander are lost” (which I found out much later is a Tolkien quote) which was the best thing one could see after a day of wandering on your own. I was pretty pleased with my day.

not all those who wander are lost lit
This one’s not my picture, I found it somewhere…


Things I tried:

Deep fried battered mars bar: God I would eat that forever and die happy


Deep fried pizza: Never again, I ate half of one and felt my life shortened by a few months.


Other things I ate, the highlight of most of my trips:


In retrospect there is such as thing as “too much” cheese

IMG_6003      IMG_6103 IMG_6104        

The Princes Street Gardens were awesome, such pretty well kept flowers, I just kept staring at the perfect petals… and the many many bumblebees…


On the last day we went to climb Arthur’s Seat… did I mention I hate hills? I struggled so badly with that one, also I had made a poor wardrobe choice, dresses are pretty yes, but they do not go well with climbing up windy hills!

So, Edinburgh, very pretty, beautiful buildings, but bring your walking shoes!


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