Autumn and Scarves

Summer has gone. This is a very sad thing. I will miss sweating profusely and playing that game where I try to wear as little clothing as possible while not looking like a prostitute. I will miss the vitamin D and the general happiness that floated around the air.

However, I must say that as soon as that first smell of autumn hits my nose, I get very excited. I put this down to a number of reasons. One, my birthday is in October and who doesn’t like a birthday? (I know some people don’t but they are weird.) Two, stationary! Yes, the smell of new pencils, schoolbags and copies makes me happy. Of course I don’t have to buy them because I’m not in school anymore, but I do anyway. I draw and occasionally write so that is my excuse.

Autumn is my spring. Most people say that spring is full of hope, but to me, the start of a new school year was the time of year in which I was most hopeful. I always told myself that, this year, I would be better, this year I would be smarter, I would be prettier (no idea how that was going to happen), this year I was finally going to be the person I always wanted to be. Alas, I never quite got there. The other thing that I told myself was that I would be better at school, I would study more and learn wonderful things; September always seemed like a door to all of the wonderful knowledge that I could obtain… Yes, I know, I’m a nerd.

The third is fashion. Autumn is the time when all of the shops sell my favourite colours. Brown, teal, wine, mustard, emerald, all of these make me happy; the best thing is that I get to wear my scarves again. I love scarves, I love them so much! This love was recently intensified by my obsession with crochet. Now I can satisfy my thirst for scarves with numerous hours of repetitive movements. Heaven.

So, this autumn is not particularly filled with hope, not being in school doesn’t offer me a new chance every year anymore. I don’t think my life is going to be changing in some significant way anytime soon, but I’ll still attempt to better myself and at least I can start wearing my scarves again.


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