People often say that after a little while they get bored on the internet. I never understood it. I can spend hours on end on the internet without getting bored. In fact, sometimes, I only get up because I need to go to he bathroom and/or eat.

This came up during the week when I was walking to work with a colleague. She was saying she would get bored after half an hour, to which I replied “How? The internet is the repository of most of the knowledge in the world! It’s like the biggest library that has ever existed!”. We then started talking about make-up, as you do, and youtube came up. She said she followed about 20 beauty gurus on youtube and I found it strange that she could get bored of the internet if she was familiar with youtube. By familiar I mean, has an account and follows people rather than just watch cat videos linked from facebook.

I have a youtube problem, and by problem I mean it’s wonderful and I’m not going to stop. Now, I know that there is a lot of crap on it, but there are so many cool things too. It’s just like the internet, 60% porn, 20% trolls, 10% cat videos, and 10% gold. Well maybe not so much porn, but you get what I mean.

The thing that people are most surprised about when I talk about youtube is that I have learned things from it. One day, I looked at the bag of knitting needles that had belonged to my great grandmother and grandmother and found weird short needles with hooks. I had no idea what they were so I googled it and found out that they were crochet needles and decided that I was going to learn to crochet (I was quite unemployed at the time and I have a need to always feel at least somewhat productive). So, I turned to my friend youtube, looked up some videos, a beret first then a hat, and commenced my love affair with crochet. It is a very useful skill considering my long commute to work, I spend three to four hours on public transport everyday and having a scarf at the end of it makes me feel like I’m not wasting my life. This combines very well with audiobooks, I read and make something at the same time. You see what I mean about needing to be productive!

Youtube has taught me many things, crochet, world history, how to play the guitar and piano badly (the reason it’s badly is because I am lazy and don’t practice), how to bleed a radiator, and many many makeup and nail art techniques. It has given me access to people I couldn’t know of otherwise like Kina Grannis who’s become one of my favourite singers.

I also follow many people who make video blogs, travel videos and other things like book reviews. I’ve been trying to do that but I’m not home during the daytime often enough to update my channel more than three times a year. The only place in my house where I can record videos is my room it’s very awkward. One, it’s always a mess. Two, I’m rarely alone and I can’t record myself when someone is there, I just feel dumb and embarrassed. Someday, I will be good at updating things, maybe when I have a place of my own…

Here are some examples of the videos that taught me things:

Crochet (this is the first piece of crochet I ever did):


Baking (French marzipan pie):

Fashion (many many ways to tie a scarf):

And here are some that just make me happy:

Constant access to Norah Jones:

Kina Grannis:

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt:

Maru the cat:

A really beautiful animation project:


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