This little corner of the internet with my life on it

In an effort to improve my writing I’ve been trying to write more often. What I write is usually whatever comes out of my head and is directly transcribed. There isn’t really any art to it. Recently Marc told me that I should write more. I had said some pretty things at the time and I guess he must have thought that they were worth putting into words… I mean written words. I wish I remembered what I had said, I know it was something like “When I paint it’s more than just something I do, it’s part of who I am, it’s the transfer of my soul from my body to the paper via a brush” but phrased nicely.

In those moments I wish everything I said was recorded… but then I remember all the dumb things I say and it would probably be a terrible idea, I don’t think my ego could take it…
It meant a lot coming from him because words are his paint, so for him to think that my words are nice must mean that I am not totally devoid of talent.

So while emptying my brain onto a word processor I thought about this place, this little corner of the internet with my life on it, and tried to figure out why I haven’t written here in a year. I update my Tumblr(s) more regularly; one to post things I’ve drawn and one to reblog nice things, but lately I haven’t been doing that very often either. I really like blogs, I love peering into someone else’s life. The problem is I don’t like looking into my own, hence why this hasn’t been updated since I went to London last year. I feel like I’m too empty to have anything valuable to say and by empty I mean void of any interesting activities. I could have written about lots of things, my excitement over the new Daft Punk Album, my continually failing attempts to make youtube videos about book reviews, or even just what I thought about books or films. I’m currently trying to read 50 books and watch 100 films this year… I’ll probably fall short but it’s the journey that’s all the fun.

So I’m going to try and update this a bit more. Mostly to motivate me to write and acquire some sort of writing style (I never really got how one got around to having a particular style). I might talk about my hopes and dreams but it will most likely by filled by stupid things I thought about.

So, welcome the the newly reopened corner of my mind, I hope you enjoy it… or at least get mildly entertained.


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