London (overdue walkthrough)

So I went to London last month for the MCM expo/ comic con. I meant to post this ages ago but as usual, I am a lazy blogger. On the plus side, I don’t think I could have asked for a better weekend. The weather for one was beautiful. Maybe a little too warm given that we were walking around all day but still amazing. I think it was about 30 Celsius which was great and reminded me of summers at home 🙂

London itself was great. I may have been swayed by the fact that the weather was holiday-like but the heat made all the Londoners seem happy and everyone looked like they were having fun.


London is huge. I know you probably know this, but when things are right beside each other on a map, it doesn’t mean they are actually close to each other. We walked a LOT, Cillian, Katie and I explored the city on Saturday and didn’t end up going to the con. We went to Camden in the early afternoon, it was my first time there and I loved it. It was not at all what I had expected. For one, it is massive. I thought the Camden markets would be a large Market, not a hodge-podge-town-sized-market that looked like Howl’s castle, put together randomly, with little nooks and crannies around every corner.

If you know me you will know I am a hoarder, and that makes Camden a very dangerous place for me. I wanted to buy everything! I didn’t because I spent a large amount of money on food and had a very limited space to bring things home in, but god I wanted to! There were so many adorable things; bags, purses, clothes, old leather suitcases, books, jewellery… aahhh, it was so cool, I didn’t want to leave 🙂


Later on we went to Leicester square and had some delicious but overpriced ice cream in Hagen Haz. Well, all the food was kind of overpriced in London, but so delicious. I think my most repeated phrase from the weekend was “I’m so happy” and was it usually said when we were eating. It was a fat weekend, but I keep telling myself that I walked it all off 😛



I don’t remember being that tired in a very long time, if ever. I think having sore feet and sweating drains the life from you :/ It is ridiculous how important comfortable footwear is. You think shoes are comfortable, until you have to walk in them for days. They’re tricksy little things.

Back to the trip, we went from Leicester square to Piccadilly circus then wandered around Soho for a while and got some bubble tea. If you didn’t know (I didn’t) bubble tea is an iced tea (it can be a variety of flavours) with little balls of tapioca at the bottom. It was very strange.


After that we walked to Oxford street where we went to the Disney store ❤ then through Hyde park and back to the hostel via a long way around. We may have gotten a little lost…

We went out to eat in a Thai restaurant called Thai Square which was the cause of much confusion as half our group thought we had meant the square was Thai… yeah… like China town… but a square… then we went to the nearest pub we could find and spent our evening there. There, an amazing pun battle took place. It was legendary. The premise of it was that the puns had to be related to cutlery… An example: Ah that’s knife…. Sorry, I spoke too spoon… This is what happens when nerds gather…

We eventually went to the expo the next day but not after visiting the national history museum and the science museum gift shop. That was awesome gift shop, I really need to go back and visit the actual museum. The National History Museum’s main expo was “Animals inside out” which was weird :/ there was this weird seemingly three headed Camel in the main hall… I imagine it is similar to the “Bodies” exhibition.


There were dinosaurs there, which was pretty cool 🙂 The Science Museum gift shop (Cillian had said it was a must-see) is now responsible for an increased amount of items on my amazon wish list. Most of them gadgets that I will probably never use, but really really want 😛


I don’t have much to say about the expo itself because it wasn’t really the highlight of the weekend for me, I much preferred exploring the city. We went to China Town for dinner and went to this really cool Japanese restaurant… Yeah, Anime nerds know what they like.

That concludes my long account of my trip to London, I realised it was a bit long so I didn’t spend too much time on Sunday 😛

It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back… with more comfortable shoes :p



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