Summer and my lack of a life

Hello there,


I haven’t updated this in a very very long time, mostly due to the fact that I am lazy when it comes to writing.

In fairness, not much has been happening because I have been busy not writing my thesis. All I’ve been doing is going into college… and having coffee with Eoin and Rachel.

It’s going ok now, I started writing a while back and I’m hoping to have the scary stuff done by the middle of next week. Regardless there will be freaking out near the end of the month. Then once it is submitted, I might go to France for a week and worry about how to start becoming a translator 😛


On another note, my living room has had a nightly visitor… A slug… It’s very strange. He comes out at night, goes around the living room,  circles the coke bottle and then goes back to wherever it is he came from. Annoyed with the trail he leaves each night, my mother decided to make a trap for it. The trap consisted of a raspberry  circled with a ring of salt on a piece of plastic. I think the hope was to find a melted slug in the morning and a half eaten raspberry. So this morning I went to investigate only to find the usual slug trail, a broken circle of salt and a half eaten raspberry… No slug. I think we have a super-mutant slug on our hands!


Toodles 😀


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