As most of you have noticed (those of you who didn’t spend their weekend in a cave) it has been snowing for a couple of days now. In November! This has lead to an increased consumption of hot chocolate and a feeling that Christmas is here. Unfortunately this is misleading snow, as Christmas is not here, it isn’t even December yet 😦

I still have 3 weeks of college left, these are going to be no fun as I have 3 assignments to do 😛 I really didn’t think that the snow would stick, but I’m glad it has. I like snow, it is cold and makes a lot of gray smoosh but it is pretty and fun, much more so than rain. I hate rain.

This is a nice picture taken from my bedroom window 😀




While I’m not one of these people who agree that the christmas decorations should be put up the day after halloween, but rather sometime in december, this year I’m making an exception because of the snow 🙂


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