My summer, France and my lack of camera

I usually start my blog by saying I haven’t blogged in a long time. Bad Gaelle.

I had intended to blog from France but I was having too much fun to write 🙂 I had written one when I came back but it turns out I never actually put it up. I’m not sure why but I must have had a good excuse.

I had a pretty good summer, I went to France for two weeks with my sisters and Gaby’s best friend Grace.

So this was the first time that we went with Grace. Having a foreign person with you opens up your eyes to some weird things… When you come out of changing rooms the lady minding it always asks you if it went ok… which terrified Grace as she had no idea what she was saying, so looking like a stunned dear that was looking at an approaching car she mumbled away I think saying Bonjour… It is kind of odd… you think about the little the dances of politeness that you encounter everyday and how you feel really rude when the rules change without you knowing. In France people are very polite, and they talk to you all the time ask you if things are ok, if you want anything else, then say goodbye or good day or goodnight.

It may all just be a markerting strategy as when things didn’t go well in the fitting rooms I felt bad when she asked as I felt like I was going to disappoint someone on top of the clothes looking crap 😦

We were there for the 14th of July (Bastille Day) and this year the fireworks in Rouen were amazing. The fireworks were synced to a great and varied soundtrack to daft punk and justice and some airy fairy music and some more French techno… Me and my sisters and cousin Julien had such a great time. That half an hour has got to be in my top five experiences this year. I should make a list at the end of the year…

One of the main reasons I haven’t blogged much this summer is my lack of camera. It was painful. Those of you who know me know that I carry my camera with me everywhere, and this is since I’ve owned a camera, back in 2000. (When film was still around and I scarcely developed photos because I was poor). My poor camera broke at the end of may, but I still had a warranty on it till august so I brought it to be fixed. In the end I was told I’d get a replacement  but here we are 3 months later and I’m still camera-less L

Oh, how could I forget?! I’m going back to college! I am doing a Masters in Translation studies in DCU! My year “off”/ looking for work was not fruitful in the least so I decided to go back to college. Being absolutely penniless my choices were restricted and I didn’t get my first choice of bioinformatics so translation it is. It should be fun though, as fun as college gets. I’m hoping it won’t be too hard although I will be in an environment where everybody else will be bilingual so it should be interesting.

I have been doing some drawing and painting, when I do get my camera I will post pictures of the canvases. In the meantime you can check out my deviant art gallery for some sketches, I should be uploading more over the next couple of days. (My favourite new one is Ursula from the little mermaid… but pretty).

I will leave you with this website I found with cupcake recipes (I do love looking up recipes!), they look absolutely delicious and I have to start baking some. Maybe next week…

Hopefully I’ll have pictures next time 🙂


2 thoughts on “My summer, France and my lack of camera

  1. From Science to translation. That’s quite the jump.

    I guess it’s good to be back doing something, anything at all. Even if you didn’t get what you wanted. Good luck in your new course.

    1. Well you see I used to work as a translator, and since the job market in the science area has not been good I decided to use my other marketable skills. So then I would actually have a qualification in translating as well as a year’s work experience 😛 I was kind of worried about leaving the science area but I can always go back to it when the industry picks up 😀

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