Easter, Coleraine and my paintings

I had forgotten that I had ended my last blog on a weird note…. Yeah… Gaby’s lovely…

So, how was your easter? Mine was lovely ☺ I went to the North in Coleraine to see Kate again ☺ It was her boyfriend Shane’s birthday on Tuesday so we had a little roadtrip. I have to say, as squished as we were in that car, (a micra and we were 3 in the back, that car was not made to hold 5 people) driving up is much less stressful than taking the bus eirann to Belfast, a train to Coleraine then another bus to Portstewart. I just sat there and it was great. It was pretty rainy on the way up though, like torrential downpour rainy… So apart from some moderate drinking (a litre of Malibu was only £14!) and general laughing about I got to see the Giant’s causeway. I was pretty and weird. I did not appreciate the hike up one of the cliffs though. I didn’t mind looking at rocks when they were at the seaside but not when I have to walk up a VERY steep hill. Even with the little running, I am ridiculously unfit… it was not nice 😛

Stitch on the Causeway 🙂
The cliff
<img class="size-full wp-image-197 " title="Causeway Heart
Causeway Heart ❤
The bay

I’ve been doing a little painting here and there. I’m aiming to get better so I can one day get to a level where people will actually want to give me money for them 😛 It’s going to take a while. I’m currently working on a tree and I’ve finished my little piano octave and a rose too. They now live higgledy piggledy on my wall.

My wall

I had lost my favourite painting which is a cherry blossom tree (my favourite flower, I know, very original) which resided behind my bed for a couple of months. I had added really fine pink glitter to it. It’s so pretty ☺

Cherry blossom tree

I finished this one last week. The sides are black and I let Gw do it for me because she wanted to paint. I had put masking tape over the painting but unfortunately it seeped a bit onto the painting -_-

There's a bird in one of the bottom branches 🙂

I told her and she made a sad face so I couldn’t give out. Unfortunately Gw knows that she can just give me puppy eyes and I’ll give her whatever she wants. At least she asks for things I guess… Sisters… -_-

I met up with my old friend Laura yesterday. We don’t see each other often, probably about 4 times a year and discuss everything that’s happened since we last saw each other. It’s weird, in some ways things are exactly the same but completely different at the same time. I guess it’s kind of the same when I go back to France. You meet up with people and even though you haven’t seen them in ages they’re still the same but everything about their life is different. They live on without you and you occasionally peek into their world… When you think about it it’s very depressing…

On a chirpier note, I got my Guitar! It’s beautiful and I’m making lots of bad noises with it 😀

I think that’s all the news for this week, the rest of the Coleraine pictures are on facebook if you’re out of things to do 😛 I should really try to write at least once a week, but I’ll make no promises.

Until next time, Au revoir ☺


4 thoughts on “Easter, Coleraine and my paintings

  1. Must go to the Giant’s Causeway some day. It looks very cool.
    Did I see on your facebook that Carol was one of the people on the trip. Haven’t seen her in ages. Tell her I said hello next time you see her, will you?

    1. Yeah it was! She added me on facebook the other day and we had 4 friends in common and one of them was you 😛 It’s a small world 😛

      I only met her last weekend so it’ll probably be a while until I see her again; for future reference, does she know you as Flash or your real name?

  2. Painting to SELL!? :O *Strikes dramatic pose* You lack… the passion!

    😛 Seriously though I like your stuff, apparently it’s good enough for the bedroom wall! Would like to see the Giant’s Causeway someday, make for an interesting day trip.

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