Airports -_-

Normally, I don’t have a problem with airports, today is not one of those times. My flight was scheduled for 9:25, guess what happened… It was delayed. The problem with this airport  is that they don’t tell you it’s delayed, they don’t write delayed on the screen, they just sneekly change the times when you’re not watching which is a pain in the ass.

So this also happens to be one of those “terribly painful girly cramp” days. This in an airport which smells funny and that is crowded with people sitting on the floor does not make for a fun morning. I got up at 5 French time this morning (but still 4 in my head) after only sleeping for about 3-4 hours. I know I’m just moaning at this point but it’s half eleven now and my flight was sneekly moved back to 12:50. I was expecting to be in bed with solpadeine by now 😦  My ipod’s battery was dying and my laptop was dead. I hadn’t realized I had left it on for so long last night 😦

Thankfully there was another boarding gate that was empty of people on the floor and I found a seat with a plug beside it! Happy days! It does smell worse here but it couldn’t be perfect. I decided to start writing this in word and finish my Tuesday/ Wednesday entry. I still don’t know how long I’m going to be here…. Oh no wait…. Now Ryanair just “confirmed” the flight to be at five past one… Ugh…

I wish there was a Buttler’s place here. On the way out from Dublin I had a Buttler’s hot chocolate and was listening to Norah Jones’ first album. It was heaven, I didn’t care when or where the flight was, at that point I was so relaxed I could have been anywhere and still feel yummy. Oh how I long for that hot chocolate… I may get a Croque Monsieur soon. I’m getting’ pretty hungry 😦

Ryanair did give us a 5 euro num nums voucher each so we could eat. I guess free food does help…

The pilot later said that the reason for the delay was the lack of liquid alcohol or something to defreeze the planes this morning in Dublin… Boo 😦

It’s now 2 in the morning and I finally get to go to bed 🙂 Happy Gaelle


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