Fourth day in France

Ok, I know I missed one yesterday, but the hotel in Paris had no free wifi and I wasn’t going to pay monies to browse while in Paris. It seemed like a silly idea.  I’m going to write the one for Monday first and then post the next one tomorrow morning as a separate one

First of all, Ouch! Do not, I repeat, do not go walking around Paris for two days wearing converse shoes. You may think they are comfortable, trust me, after a few hours, they really aren’t!

I do love them though 😦

We left Rouen yesterday at about 2 and was in Paris by quarter past 3. Guess what we took to get there! Oh yes, it’s a double decker train! I was like *draw drops*. As most of you know, I like to sit at the top front of double decker buses as the novelty never wore off. A double decker train was kind of like that, you couldn’t sit at the front though but it was still cool.

That's my dad in the corner 😛

We went to the hotel (when we eventually found it) and dropped our bags. Let me tell you now, even with a map, Paris is a bloody maze! My dad doesn’t know it well, he does work there but never goes for fun so he had no idea how to get from A to B. having left his Tomtom GPS at home, me and my map were our guide. Of course… we still got lost sometimes… mostly due to him not listening and maps being awkward to read upside down 😛

Monday we did the Champs Elysée. On the map it looks like one little street, it is a veeeery long street. You think it’s fine because you can see the arche de triomphe but it’s not, it’s much bigger in real life 😛

It is giant!

Of course the main attraction of that street was not dior or Louis Vuitton, it’s, THE DISNEY STORE! What I hadn’t realized before was that the key point of the  new Disney movie was a frog… I love frogs, and here was a shop filled with a combination of Disney and frog things!  As you can imagine my smile was up to my ears 😛 I couldn’t resist, it’s a cushion

"Come, we pucker!... That's new" 🙂

We then continued wandering around, sitting in several cafés for drinks.  The first café we went in we intended to get lunch but it was about 4 O’clock and the waiter said the kitchen was closed. I was so sad. I told my dad that it was silly and you didn’t need a chef to make sandwiches. The waiter then came back and said, “What did you want? A little sandwich?” My dad said yes and the waiter then said he’d make them himself. I felt like saying “I love you!”We got back to the hotel at about six and my feet were oh so sad 😦 We had dinner in a nice restaurant beside the hotel and the waiter was lovely too, he spend ages telling us how to get to places and museums to see and stuff. We were going to go to sleep but after num nums and some wine we decided to go walkies. We ended up going quite far, enthusiastic and with some wine in me, I decided I wanted to see the pyramid of the Louvre at night time (it was about midnight at this stage). I took some lovely pictures. It was so pretty and I was so happy to be in this place that I’d read so much about

We then went back for sleepies with me taking about a hundred pictures on the way (which will be on facebook soon :P) I saw the most ridiculous thing, not sure if you can see the price tag, but that phone cost 10,ooo Euro!!!

WHAT!!! And here I thought the Hero was expensive!

I mean, Paris is full of Chanel, Dior, YSL and such boutiques but who the f**k needs a phone that expensive?


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