My boots the FAS office and the ipad

My boots the FAS office and the ipad

So I’ve been continuing my drawings. I still have to do John, although Goo’s supposed to pic the picture and I haven’t asked him yet… I also have to draw my friend Rachel, another picture of Louise for her birthday and I think I might make one for Elaine as well because it was her birthday too. Marc’s birthday is on Monday and he requested one too so I guess I’m going to be busy with them for a while 🙂

I went to the FAS office yesterday morning. I was given an appointment in the morning and was told that it may be an hour to an hour and a half to wait. I was fine, I had my iPod and my Sony e-reader. I ended up sitting there for 3 hours. I hadn’t eaten and I needed to go to the bathroom (this seems to be a common occurence in my blog entries) and there was no toilet there -_- It was not a fun morning. I read the legend of  Sleepy Hollow while I was there. It was good but nothing like the movie, which I now must watch again. My reader ran out of battery  half an hour before I I got called in though so I just sat there looking around wandering what the hell the things that looked like computers where. They printed out pieces of paper on thin rolls of paper and made the sound that you would associate with  a printer from a very long time ago.

As many of you have heard, the iPad was anounced, and I know it’s expensive and I alredy have an Macbook and an ipod touch, but I want one anyway. It think this makes me a mac fan girl, all this tells me though is that I like pretty things, and that is no suprise. I saw this picture on the apple website and decided I wanted one. I reallly do judge books by their covers 😛

The ipad
Ain't it pretty?

WEdnesday Marc bought me my late birthday present, Doc Martens whith heels:

Beautiful 🙂

I love them, they are wonderful. I hadn’t worn heels in a long time due to the fashion being very thin heels while I prefer to wear thicker heels, they have much better support and don’t wobble as much, I wore them to DCU and walked to the train station, I had expected some sort of horrible pain from breaking them as you always get with new docs so I had my cons in my bag. To my suprise, they were really comfortable. No blisters , nothing! They’re also great for my posture, slouching in heels is much harder J

Going back to do some more drawings,

Bye  bye  🙂


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