Paramore, Eddie Izzard and Christmas

As usual, I meant to update my blog ages ago but never got round to it. I’ve had a busy month but in a lovely way.

I went to see Paramore with my sisters in the O2 which was great. They’re one of these bands that are better live than on the CD because their singer is so talented (and so pretty) 🙂 So it was a lot of fun. We were kind of squished though, if we learned anything from the gig, it was that we’re never standing ever again. You can bop around from a seat, and there you won’t get close to passing out because you have no air.


Two days later we went to see Eddie Izzard in the O2 again. I went with the sisters, the boyfriend, the mother and her boyfriend… That part was less fun :S The show was great, I love comedy gigs, your face hurts after them because you were laughing so much. I have to buy the show on DVD when it comes out (if it hasn’t already). One of the funniest bits is when he’s talking about raptors and how they look like they could pass for people, me and the girls have been mimicking him all week.

Googled this one, camera ran out of battery 😦

I got to see my favourite 3 comedians this year, Bill Bailey, Dylan Moran and Eddie Izzard. Unexpectedly enough, Bill Bailey was the best! The gig was in the Olympia and we were up front so it felt much more personal and I think that’s best for a comedy gig. Dylan Moran was in Vicar street and I didn’t really like that place. It was uncomfortable… that and he was intimidating… giving out to people for taking pictures…

This Christmas I got a pink sony reader (from my lovely boyfriend, it was also for our 5th anniversary) which is really great. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m obsessed with books (as you can see from my previous post) so now I can have several dozens in my handbag! So happy!


I also got black Doc Martens with pink flowers on the side from mommy, some books, vouchers and money from the extended family (love money :D) oh and this weird snakey necklace thing that I keep playing with. There were bits and bobs like chocolate and make up, books, ooh, oblivion on the ps3 as well from Marc and this frog thing that makes noise when you activate the motion sensor thing on it (I love frogs). So it was a fruitful Christmas. The celebrations themselves could have been better but I guess there was presents and stuffing so I should be happy 😛

I’ll post a picture of the presents together later… when I take one :p

Looking forward to the new year, I hope it’s better than the last one, which shouldn’t be hard 😛

Joyeux Noël et bonne année 😀


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