Dylan Moran, my room and Patrick Swayze

I’ll start with Dylan Moran. I went to see him last week and it was great. Turns out I really like seeing comedians live and now I’m one Fran short of having seen the Black Books cast. The show started off a bit slowly, but that may have been due to the fact that I couldn’t believe that he was right there and had I chosen to, I could have ran up on stage and tackle-hugged him 🙂 It got very good just before the end of the first half and the second half was so funny I cried. Ivan, (Marc’s sister Katie’s Boyfriend) saw him that day and tried in vain to be the guy who says something cool to him but bursted out ‘I’m going to your show later’ like a teenage girl going’ I love you’. I think had it been my mother she would have just face-rapped him! I think it was an extra nice show because he’s Irish. He was also very nice to women and hard on men, which I of course thought was hilarious.

I would have posted a picture but my camera was being a bastard that night and kept being blurry, I don’t know why because I took great pictures at Bill Bailey. That and the fact that I didn’t have many opportunities, he threatened to throw the mic at someone’s face and take out their left eye if they didn’t stop recording :S It was intimidating.

Changing subject I bought (my grandfather kindly bought) a couple of bookcases in Ikea last week.

1) I love Ikea, my love of stationary ( which is immense as most of you know) has now expanded to include furniture, expecially in catalogue form.

2) Ikea is like a maze designed to make you see everything and take you hours to get where you want to go, just so you’ll see nice things you also want to buy, the clever devils.

3) Shelves are heavy.

So while putting the shelves up, me and my mom encountered several problems which ended up in us accidentally making an inch wide and 4 inch long hole in my wall… and my face getting squished between the wall and a very heavy antique armoire, it was so sore but I was a big girl and was only a little teary, I had a long red mark on my face for hours :S

The problem is that I hoard. It’s probably my greatest fault, I will keep pretty much anything that has a memory attached to it. I also attach memories to things quite easily. So to get the bookcases in my room I had to remove a few presses which turns out had a lot of stuff in them… and now my floor is hidden. I had decided that I was going to take pictures of the ‘crap’ I had become attached to therefore looking at the pictures would still trigger memories thus only taking up virtual space (which I have also ran out of) rather than physical. That however, is easier said than done.

I had to put my books on mom’s bed while building/ tidying.

My Pride and Joy. Look at them go!
My Pride and Joy. Look at them go!

This is what the bookcases look like. I have to get more though, I only got half because that’s all that would fit in the car 🙂 I have piles of book still on the floor.

So much pain, bruises, sweat and tears (getting face squished)....
So much pain, bruises, sweat and tears (getting face squished)....

I can see my books now (most of them anyway). I’m so happy 🙂

I was up late-ish last night, 2pm-ish, and was flicking through tv channels as I was drawing and I saw one of the news channels as I was flicking that had a program called France 24 which was for some odd reason in English.. Just as I was about to change I saw the name Sawyze on the bottom scrolly thing and I thought   ‘ NOOOOOO!’ So I desperately looked for sky/BBC news channels and there I found out that Patrick Swayze had died. I was so sad 😦 You see I used to love him when I was a baby Gaelle. I was crazy for Swayze. I had seen Dirty Dancing dozens of time by the time I was 5 😦 I thought I was going to cry. I’m going to watch dirty dancing/ ghost later on 😦

On a happier note, I finished a digital painting of mine and I thought it was so pretty! It’s Pocahontas of course.

Pocahontas, ain't she pretty?
Pocahontas, ain't she pretty?

Bye bye until next time,


Ps: Yes, I think Kayne West is a moron re: the Taylor Swift thing


2 thoughts on “Dylan Moran, my room and Patrick Swayze

  1. Qu’est ce qu’on a pu regarder Pochantas et Dirty Dancing quand on était plus jeune!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Deux films géniaux!!

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