The end of Borders

Today I woke up reasonably early (9.30) and went to borders which is closing tomorrow. All the books were 1 euro, there wasn’t much there but there was enough. Between me and Gwladys, we spend 25 euro on books, 14 which were for me, 2 for Gaby and 1 for mom. I love books, I collect them, I have so many books that I’ve run out of space in my room and I had to put some up in the attic! As you can guess, I was sooo happy! Before I left, I had said to my mother: “There’s never been an instance where the only hinderance to my getting books was the amount I could carry, this should be interesting”… I wish I had more money and a car… one day…

I bought Howl’s moving castle which is great, I already own it, but this cover was prettier so I decided to take it. I also bought memoirs of a Geisha in German, I had been meaning to brush up on my german and this was perfect although at first I thought it was a parody name “Die Geisha” as in, to die… Most of the rest were bought specifically based on their cover and the fact that the back most likely mentioned something about magic and/or pouffy dresses.
It is sad that it’s closing, it was a nice shop. I had lunch with my friend Louise today (who works in borders) and she was crushed that it was closing, it seemed to have been a nice place to work in 😦


In the topic of pouffy dresses, I was stumbling upon things again yesterday (not food porn) but clothes and I was looking at these pouffy dresses and thinking about what on earth I was going to wear at grad ball this november… And I found this dress:

It is so pretty!
It is so pretty!

It is sooo pretty! It’s exactly what I had in mind but of course it was in some obscure place on the internet and in the sold section so now it is going to be even harder finding something knowing that it won’t be this one 😦

I’m going to start reading,
Bye bye.


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