Gaelle’s adventure to the social welfare office

Today I went to make my first attempt at signing on. To be honest I had been avoiding it because I knew it was going to be painstakingly long and complicated. My grandad drove me because I didn’t know where to go. I arrived there a little before 10 am and that was my first mistake. My mother had advised that I go there at 8.30 before it open (she’s been giving out to me for days about this) but I was far too lazy to get up that early, I know, you would think that money would be a powerful enough motivator, but no, I love my sleep more than most things in this world.

So I got there and the queue was going outside the building and around it! I saw this and thought “gee, this is not going to be a pleasant morning”. I went to the back of the queue and my grandad went inside to make sure I was i the right one. He came back and that I was where I should be and that he’d pick me up later. I had a book so at least I wasn’t just standing there (I am currently reading the 9th volume of the Anita Blake series I’ll talk about it later) but still a queue is a queue. After a good 15 minutes of queueing, in which I had moved about 3 meters, a man who worked there came up to me and asked me if I was signing on and if it was the first time (it took a while to understand him because I didn’t understand his accent 😦 ) Guess what, I had been standing in the wrong queue; of course!

I was told to go and queue for the reception, it was a reasonably small queue where I still moved at a rate of 3 meters/ quarter of an hour. After being there for 15 minutes, I heard my name called out and it turned out Joey was behind me. I’m not sure why but I found this extremely funny. He had asked me if the queue was moving at all because yesterday he had spend two hours in the same queue and this was just to enquire as to whether or not he could actually sign on. It was worrying, I don’t like being worried.

I knew I was lacking some vital documents, but in all fairness, it didn’t say what I needed on the UP1 form I downloaded from the internet. The queue thankfully moved fast enough, meaning half an hour for less than 10 meters, and I got to speak to a lady and basically say :”Here is a form I have completed. Now, what does it mean?”. In the end she gave me a list of 10 documents I had to have, including a photo ID and a proof of address/bill, a P45, a letter from my college, my mother’s pay-slip and a mortgage payment, a bank statement covering the past six months. I was beginning to wonder if they would also need a list of what I had for breakfast for the past four weeks… You see what I meant by complicated?

Anyway, I now have ten days to find all these things, and maybe just maybe I can get money in about 3 months time… just great… If I’m lucky I’ll have it by my birthday (which is in october).

Changing topics quickly, I am sad because Borders is closing down, like I said on facebook, when a bookshop closes, it is like when a faerie dies 😦 I know that I have more than enough books to last me a long while, I collect books, but it’s like clothes, I always want more. I am currently reading the Anita Blake series, she is a zombie raiser/animator who is also a vampire hunter. As mentioned in penny arcade, it is really good but at a certain point it gets weird and she kind of starts sleeping with a lot of things (emphasis on things), the weirdest part is I’m not sure if I’ve reached that point yet… but I really like this series, I got into it when a friend from AMS lend me a comic book version of the first book. I’m also reading 1984 and a documentary about the real li

Now that this side quest was mostly completed, it was time for me to go back to the main quest: “The search for a job!”


2 thoughts on “Gaelle’s adventure to the social welfare office

  1. Yeah, you won’t get money until out of full-time education for 3 months. Job hunting. It’s hard, it’s soul draining, but it’s a quicker shot at cash.

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